How To Use A Bitcoin Mixer, Fees, Step-by-Step Guide 2021

If you've not been mixing your bitcoins, there are hazards that you expose yourself to since you could lose your coins. In this post, we shall learn how you can mix your bitcoins and the attendant benefits.

The use of Bitcoin mixers is the simplest step to privacy on the Bitcoin network. The tumbling service helps ensure that your funds are safe from hackers and other malicious players. To blend your coin, first choose a tumbler of repute such as There are basic steps needed to mix your coin. At the homepage, you'll see the option of choosing the coin to mix.

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Step 1 Input Your Receiving Address

Select BTC since that is the coin you want to mix. Below this field, you would see a field where you fill the destination address where you want the mixer to send your bitcoins as blending them. The tumbling service also has a minimum requirement of 30 minutes delay time needed before your coins are ready to be sent to your destination address. You may set this time longer than 30 minutes if you like. The essence of delay time is to shake off any blockchain monitoring software. Input your receiving address, set the delay and press ‘Next’ button.

Step 2 Send Your Coins

When you click on ‘next’ after inputting the destination address you want your coin sent, the site takes you to a fresh page. This is the 'Order Status' page and will show "pending payment". You'll see the blender address where you can send the coins you want to blend.

You'll also observe that you shouldn't send less than 0.02 Bitcoins to this address. Values lower than this won't be processed and is considered a donation.

The mixer calculator is on this page. It enables the user to calculate how much coins they would get in their wallet after the commission of the mixing service has been deducted. This makes it clear to you how much funds you should expect after factoring in random personal fee and miner fees for every transaction of the blender.

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letter of guarantee

Letter of Guarantee

On this page also is the Letter of Guarantee which is proof that the service is obligated to you. This letter is the only evidence that you have of the transaction and should be saved before you send funds to the tumbling service. Mixers generally do not keep logs since their objective is to make users anonymous. The Letter of Guarantee can be verified with verification tools like

Also make sure it contains your receiving address and mixer's deposit address where you will send your coins.

The Letter can be signed only with the official address 1MiXeR1vrV6wGJSsgUyYYcjkApim2GdGHh.

Step 3 Waiting for Network Confirmations

Once you have sent your coins to the mixer you will need to wait for 3 Bitcoin network confirmations. After your transaction is confirmed by the network your order will be processed instantly in accordance with selected delay. Track the amount of confirmations for each incoming transaction in the table. It also can be verified on the reliable blockchain explorer like Just input the mixer's deposit address and check if your transaction already has 3 confirmations.

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Step 4 Bitcoins Have Been Mixed

The next page shows that your bitcoins have been mixed. You'll receive them in your designated wallet. Note: funds could arrive as multiple transactions which equals the full amount.

That's simply how to mix your bitcoins in a blender.

Minimum Amount to Mix

Make sure you send an amount that fits the minimum amount to mix: 0.02 BTC. If you missed it and sent less than minimum please drop a support ticket with your order details and it will be processed as usual one. Otherwise it will be accepted as a donation.


Service takes some random fee from 2% to 4.9%, this is why it is far more difficult to track transactions because the fee is randomized and unpredictable. Some users call bitcoin mixers like bitcoin fog because it is really impossible to connect your original coins with your newly received coins.

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