How To Use A Litecoin Mixer, Fees, Step-by-Step Guide 2021

If you have wondered how to improve your privacy and security of your cryptocurrency, you should seriously consider using a tumbler to mix your litecoin. An LTC mixer makes the user anonymous and forestalls the possibility of exposing the wallet to hackers.

Mixers were developed due to the need for privacy while using digital currencies. It became obvious to many cryptocurrency users that most coins such as litecoin are not anonymous. This means that blockchain analysis could reveal the identity of the owner. This could be contrary to the ideals for which virtual currencies were invented.

Litecoin is the third most capitalized coin after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since there are many users, it is important that those who want to be anonymous on the network find ways to do that. This is the reason for the development of litecoin mixing service such as

In this post, we shall learn how to use the LTC mixer.

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Step 1 Input Your Receiving Address

At the homepage, you'll see the cryptocurrencies available for mixing. This is where you choose the coin to mix. Select Litecoin. You'll see a field where you input the address where you want the mixer LTC to be forwarded to. After pasting your litecoin address, set the custom delay time to at least 30 minutes. Then click on the 'Next' button.

Step 2 Send Your Coins

The next page is the Order Status that shows "pending payment". You're expected to mix at least 1 LTC. You'll also see how long it takes to mix your coin and the commission that the service charges. These charges differ from blender to blender. There is a random 2-4.9% fee that is chargeable plus miner fees for mixing your Litecoin.

The blender would wait for 4 network confirmations before blending your coins.

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letter of guarantee

Letter of Guarantee

On this page also is the Letter of Guarantee which is proof that the service is obligated to you. This letter is the only evidence that you have of the transaction and should be saved before you send funds to the tumbling service. Mixers generally do not keep logs since their objective is to make users anonymous. The Letter of Guarantee can be verified with verification tools like

Also make sure it contains your receiving address and mixer's deposit address where you will send your coins.

The Letter can be signed only with the official address 1MiXeR1vrV6wGJSsgUyYYcjkApim2GdGHh.

Step 3 Waiting for Network Confirmations

Once you have sent your coins to the mixer you will need to wait for 4 Litecoin network confirmations. After your transaction is confirmed by the network your order will be processed instantly in accordance with selected delay. Track the amount of confirmations for each incoming transaction in the table. It also can be verified on the reliable blockchain explorer like Just input the mixer's deposit address and check if your transaction already has 4 confirmations.

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Step 4 Litecoins Have Been Mixed

The mixed LTC would be sent to your new address. That’s it. Mixing your LTC is as simple as that.

Minimum Amount to Mix

Make sure you send an amount that fits the minimum amount to mix: 1 LTC. If you missed it and sent less than minimum please drop a support ticket with your order details and it will be processed as usual one. Otherwise it will be accepted as a donation.


Service takes some random fee from 2% to 4.9%, this is why it is far more difficult to track transactions because the fee is randomized and unpredictable.

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