How To Use A Bitcoin Cash Mixer, Fees, Guide 2021

Since Bitcoin Cash was forked from the Bitcoin network, it has been one of the prominent digital assets judging from market capitalization and trade volume. Like BTC, BCH is not really a private coin, so there is a need to add an extra layer of privacy and consequent security while using Bitcoin Cash.

The simplest way to accomplish this is through the use of blenders which work by obfuscating the transaction history of your coin. This effectively makes it difficult, if not impossible for malicious players to track and steal your coins.

It also ensures that your transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network is not easily tracked by curious users. Most importantly, your privacy and security of your coins is guaranteed through the use of a BCH tumbling service such as

In this post, we shall see the basic steps that you need to follow to mix your BCH on

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Step 1 Input Your Receiving BCH Address

At the homepage of the blender, you would see the option where you could select the coin that you want to mix, choose “Bitcoin Cash”. This is important since this is the coin that you’ll be mixing.

You’ll see the field called the destination address. This is where your mixed BCH will be sent to after the mixer has blended the coins. Paste your destination address here.

You’ll also see the custom delay time with the minimum of 30 minutes. This is necessary for mixing your Bitcoin Cash. So be aware that there will be this time lag before your coins are forwarded to the destination address. Depending on the setting, it could be more than 30 minutes.

Custom delay is essential in shaking off any blockchain analysis that targets your transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network.

After inputting your address and setting the custom delay time, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2 Send Your Coins

You’ll be taken to the next page of the mixer where you’ll send your BCH that you want to be tumbled. This is the ‘Order Status’ page

Some of the things you will see on this Order Status page are the indication that your payment is pending as "pending payment".

You’ll also see the address where you should send the coins that you want to blend and a calculator. You’ll see the minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash that you can send to the address and calculate the output or the volume of coins that you will get after your coins have been mixed.

The essence of the calculator is to enable you know the expected amount of coins you would get after mixing. You can adjust your input accordingly to fit the required output. This considers the fees changed by the blending service.

You must make sure that the amount of BCH you’re mixing is higher than the minimum to avoid losing your coins.

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letter of guarantee

Letter of Guarantee

On the order status page, you’ll see the Letter of Guarantee. This letter explains the obligations of the mixing service to you and you should download and store it safely.

It is the only evidence that you would have down the line that you actually mixed some coins at the blender. This would be useful if there are any issues with the mixing, even though this rarely happens.

The Letter of Guarantee shows that you actually mixed your BCH at the tumbler. This piece of evidence is important since good tumbling services such as do not store logs of transactions. The reason is to make sure that all transactions are anonymous.


You can verify the Letter of Guarantee using a tool such as found at Just be sure that your receiving address is found in it as well as the mixer’s address where you will send your BCH.

The official address, 1MiXeR1vrV6wGJSsgUyYYcjkApim2GdGHh must be used to sign the Letter of Guarantee. This is how you confirm its authenticity.

Step 3 Waiting for Network Confirmations

After sending the Bitcoin Cash that you want to be mixed, wait for the network confirmation. You can use any block explorer to check the number of confirmations that your transaction has had. To check the confirmations, input the BCH address in the blockchain explorer to know the number of confirmations. You should expect a minimum of 6 confirmations before factoring in the delay time set during the blending operation.

An example of a blockchain explorer that you can use is this:

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Step 4 Bitcoin Cash Have Been Mixed

After creating your new order, you should be taken to a new page that alerts you that your Bitcoin Cash has been mixed. You should have them in the wallet that you designated after the delay time elapses.

You should also consider network delays in confirmation as you expect your BCH. It is important to note that the fund may enter your wallet once or in multiple transactions. Be rest assured however that you would receive the full volume of BCH you’re expecting based on data you got from the calculator prior to mixing.

That’s the straightforward way of mixing your Bitcoin Cash.

Minimum Amount of BCH To Mix

If you notice that the amount of BCH you sent is less than the minimum, you can contact the support by sending a ticket. Be sure to add your order detail to help in identifying your order, unless you have decided to forfeit it as a donation.

There it is. A simple way of blending your Bitcoin Cash to get ‘new coins’.

Fee Range

Fees associated with mixing could range from 2% to 4.9%. This is the reason why you should be sure through the calculator. The randomness of the fees is part of the blending mechanism that makes it even more difficult to track the transactions - no one would predict the exact fee charged for any.

The primary objective is to make sure that your original Bitcoin Cash coins are not linked to the final output that is sent to your designated wallet.

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