Common Issues When Using a Bitcoin Mixer

For all those customers who encountered any problems when using Before creating a support tickets:


1) Make sure you created an order on the original domain

Original links:

Bitcoin (BTC) Mixer -
Ether (ETH) Mixer -
Litecoin (LTC) Mixer -
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mixer -


2) Make sure that you set the right receiving address that belongs to you and your own wallet

Double check it before you proceed with the order. Always remember: all crypto transactions are irreversible. You must not send mixed funds to the wrong address. That type of mistake will result in the loss of your funds.


3) Make sure your incoming transaction into the service already confirmed by the Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin network

We cannot make your transaction to be confirmed. Confirmation depends on miner fees you set when generating your transaction and the state of the network when it was initiated. There might be delays sometimes if the network is clogged.
Use this website to check if your transaction already confirmed
Just input the mixer's deposit address and check.


4) How many confirmations does your incoming transaction into the service have?

Here is the number of network confirmations to process the order:

Bitcoin - 3 confirmations
Ethereum - 30 confirmations
Litecoin - 4 confirmations
Bitcoin Cash - 15 confirmations

These can be verified on a reliable blockchain explorer like


5) Once order status is “complete” check your own incoming address on the blockchain explorer

Coins might already be in your new address but your wallet or exchange are not seeing them, because it is not yet confirmed by the network. So just wait a couple of minutes.
Use this website to check if your transaction already confirmed
Just input your receiving address and check.


6) Always keep an eye on the "time delay" that you set for your order

Your order will be executed only after the time delay elapses.


7) Do not reuse the same deposit address for new orders, it doesn't work that way

One order = One deposit address.

Create a new order for new mixing. If you sent your coins to the previously used address they may get stuck. Drop us a ticket with your order details like transaction ID or receiving address.


8) Some users are waiting for one incoming transaction with the full amount

Usually sometimes funds could arrive as multiple transactions which equals the full amount. This increases your privacy. Please check your receiving address on a reliable blockchain explorer and simply do the math before creating a support ticket.


9) Make sure you send an amount that fits the minimum amount to mix

Minimum amounts to mix are:

Bitcoin - 0.02 BTC
Ether - 0.5 ETH
Litecoin - 1 LTC
Bitcoin Cash - 1 BCH

If you missed it and sent less than minimum, please drop us a support ticket with your order details and it will be processed as usual one.


10) Make sure that you send the coins during the next 24 hours after the order has been created

If your coins arrived later they may get stuck. If this happens, send us a ticket with your order details like transaction ID or receiving address.

Also we would like to provide you with some simple recommendations.


1) It is not recommended to put a receiving address of any third-party services.

For example, if you intend to purchase something or exchange your coins. Such services usually expect to receive the exact amount of coins.
So we recommend you to set the receiving address that is controlled by you, afterwards you will be able to send the exact amount required to the service you want to pay.


2) Always download the Letter of Guarantee

Download and verify it using verification tools like:

Also make sure it contains your receiving address and mixer's deposit address where you will send your coins.
The Letter can be signed only with the official address 1MiXeR1vrV6wGJSsgUyYYcjkApim2GdGHh.


3) Always set higher miner fees for your transaction to enable it to be confirmed in time

Most delays are caused by unconfirmed transactions. Use higher miner fees when transacting your crypto.


Good luck and stay safe!